Why Worldwide?

Since its inception in 1978 Worldwide Court Reporters’ Mission has been to Provide Unparalleled Services in Court Reporting, Legal Videography, Document Management, Records Retrieval and Trial /Arbitration Support. Our Expert Team is always ready to bring you any service you might need.

  • Court Reporters, Videographers, Interpreters, Deposition Equipment, Subpoena Service, Conference Facilities, Video Conferencing, Document Management, Records Retrieval and Trial Support.
  • We are available 24/7 to assist you with last-minute deposition scheduling or changes, and post-deposition details.
  • These are a few of the reasons for choosing WORLDWIDE COURT REPORTERS. Our Houston-based operation provides services throughout the USA and International.
  • Our professional support staff will handle every step in your deposition/litigation process.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our cutting-edge technology has been utilized in many high-profile cases throughout the globe. Worldwide Court Reporters remains among the few independently court-reporter owned firms in the country.

  • Streaming Realtime transcript feed with access from anywhere in the world where internet is available.

  • Instant Access to your case documents and exhibits through a secured database.

  • Streaming Video and transcript real-time to any authorized user worldwide for each deposition session including access to a private secured chat room with your team members.

  • Same day certified transcript, exhibits and video by request and advanced notice.

  • Video conferencing using IP video conference systems, computers, tablets and mobile devices equipped with web cam and microphone.

Our Values

Schedule a deposition and/or video-deposition with a Worldwide court reporter at any time here.

Our support professionals respond to requests promptly. Please go to CONTACT at the bottom of this page and send us an email with your phone number and the basic information you would include in a notice. We will respond with an ORDER CONFIRMATION so you know your request has been taken care of.

We love rush requests! Schedule time-sensitive depositions by calling us at 713-572-2000 / 800-745-1101

Our team of certified court reporters have extensive experience in all litigation practice areas, and we are careful to match each reporter to the needs of your specific case. Our group of highly skilled court reporters ensures that each deposition goes smoothly and is of the highest quality. With coverage across the country and around the world, we look forward to supporting your litigation needs wherever your deposition takes place.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a landmark piece of legislation, but why is HIPAA important? What changes did HIPAA introduce and what are the benefits to the healthcare industry and patients?

HIPAA was introduced in 1996, primarily to address one particular issue: Insurance coverage for individuals that are between jobs. Without HIPAA, employees faced a loss of insurance coverage when they were between jobs.

A second goal of HIPAA was to prevent healthcare fraud and ensure that all ‘protected health information’ was appropriately secured and to restrict access to health data to authorized individuals.

At Worldwide our team members is certified under HIPAA rules.

The Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) program sets and enforces standards for competency in the capture, utilization, and retention of legal video and promotes awareness of these standards within the legal marketplace. Legal videographers ensure the integrity of the official video of legal proceedings.

Our video post-production can include synching video deposition to transcript. This is the marriage of your video deposition with the text transcript; a very useful tool.

From your PC, you can quickly and easily access, review, edit, and present the video deposition and text by searching keywords, page and line numbers.

The synchronized video depositions are compatible with software such as Trial Director, Sanction, LiveNote, Summation and PowerPoint. This means you can create, import and use synchronized video/text clips throughout the entire litigation cycle.

With advanced notice we can also post-produce your video deposition and integrate it with documents and exhibits used during the preceding using picture-in-picture video.

At Worldwide we can serve your high volume printing. When needing additional hard copies of your documents and exhibits contact Worldwide. Our experienced and dedicated team will work around the clock to ensure that each print is done correctly. This process ensures quality and replication that is completed within your set deadline.

If your need is for scanning documents, bring them to us. We will make sure all documents are scanned and converted into convenient digital files such as TIF or PDF images. All scanned images are OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) giving you the ability to read, search and extract the words within those documents. After the scanning process, our Image Technicians will review each image to verify the image quality, correct rotation setting and file naming.

Exhibit Preparation is a key component for a smooth litigation process. Making sure your documents and exhibits are created and maintained properly from the beginning will save you time and effort as you get closer to trial. We can help by providing Trial & Witness Notebook services. By previous request, at each case scheduled deposition, we will bring a hard copy of all exhibits introduced during your previous case depositions taken by Worldwide.

In a deposition, you’re focused on getting testimony that will help you win your client’s case, often with trial in mind as an eventuality. Smart litigators know that the power of a great deposition transcript cannot be underestimated. When your transcript is clear and accurate, you’re able to present the best evidence possible to a judge or jury. To help you get the most from your deposition, we will provide you with a court reporter/videographer team that will help having accuracy and consistency in your case transcripts.

Worldwide’s experienced consultants and technicians are always ready to cover all your trial needs. We can inspect the venue and coordinate with the court or arbitration location and recommend you options of equipment needed based on efficiency and maximum impact for a successful case results.

Elmos, screens, projectors, monitors, realtime transcript screens and audio systems are part of the equipment available and will be setup by our experienced techs to ensure everything works and is compatible with your hardware before the proceedings begin.

With so much at stake during arbitrations and trials, during the heat of the battle you need an experienced tech operating your presentation system. Worldwide has experienced trial technicians that will perform under pressure and ensure that your case runs flawlessly from opening statement to closing argument.

What Our Clients Say

Just wanted to let you know that your team really came through over the weekend for our attorneys and wanted y’all to know that your hard work and dedication to your clients doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks as always for doing everything you can to get the job done. Y’all are the best!

Jennifer W., - Professional Assistant

I received the transcription I sent you yesterday and just wanted to reach out and say thank you! You always do such an awesome job, and it’s always so fast. I really appreciate it and will be sending you everything that I have the power to send to you! Have an amazing weekend and I’ll be in touch.

Carol T., - Legal Assistant

Thank you so much for all you and your company do for our firm.


Last night Worldwide came through BIG for us. An attorney in another section needed a court reporter on very short notice and you made it happen. I called scheduling at 4:45 pm. I then started an email chain with the attorney involved and your team worked remotely to get it done. This could gain another contact for you at our firm. Andrew G. is the attorney and his assistant is Teresa H. As always, we can count on your services and it is very much appreciated!


I am extremely impressed at the speed with which we received this transcript and exhibits.

Elizabeth B., - Certified Paralegal