Our professional support staff will handle every step in the deposition process.

At WORLDWIDE we set the trend in Professional Litigation Support. We have successfully orchestrated depositions, arbitrations and trials in multiple jurisdictions throughout the globe.

For your depositions, and with advanced notice, we can provide you with:

  • Certified Realtime transcript streaming to our iPads or your own laptop or tablet in the deposition room or via remote stream wherever you are by using the internet.
  • Same Day Certified Transcript to immediately use in your next deposition.
  • Digital Document Presenter-ELMO- in the deposition room.
  • HD Video/Realtime transcript/Chat room live secured streaming where internet available.
  • Consecutive numbering of exhibits and digital presentation at depositions.
  • Previous deposition exhibit notebooks or digital on iPad at every deposition in a case.

With advanced notice, we can provide Same-Day or Next-Day certified transcripts produced in any format you request as well as posting them to your personalized and secured on-line Repository.

Court Reporting Services

Worldwide’s court reporting services are essential to litigators. Our court reporters are highly qualified in their trade. Their certified transcriptions have served in many high-profile cases throughout the globe.

Some of our most requested services include:

-Certified Realtime & Traditional Machine Stenographers

-Expedited Certified Transcripts up to and including Daily –upon request at time of scheduling-

-Rough Draft -available upon request-

-Electronic Digital copy of Certified Transcript and Exhibits

-Paper Copy of Certified Transcript and Exhibits

-Video Conference Deposition through RC Cameo

-Nationwide and International coverage

-Transcript and Exhibit Hyperlinking

-Transcript, Exhibit and Video Synchronization

… and many more.

We strive to provide you with the latest resources available in order to achieve your success. Our professional support staff will handle every step in the depo process. Contact us and let us know how we can help you in your litigation task.

Deposition and Trial Subpoenas

Worldwide Court Reporters can handle all of your nationwide process serving needs quickly, professionally and accurately. Our process servers have the experience and knowledge of local laws to provide quality process services throughout the country and diligently strive for perfect service in a timely manner.

Video Conferencing & Video Streaming

For years Worldwide has conducted telephone/video conference depositions using our state-of-the-art conferencing bridge. Our bridge supports various endpoint types including IP video conference systems, computers, tablets and mobile devices equipped with web cam and microphone. Our platform is fully encrypted, and completely secure.

This allows for depositions to be conducted in remote locations eliminating traveling and saving you time and money. Internet connection and access must be available.

Video Streaming will allow you to follow along in detail with Witness Video & Remote Realtime, while working directly in your web browser using search and annotation. Compatible with all software, output to any text viewer software live, such as LiveNote, Summation, or Trial Director.

While in Video Stream mode, securely chat with anyone on your trial team, including experts and consultants.

Our Worldwide Video Conferencing/Streaming platform is backed with premier support and top tier customer service by trained technicians available all day, when you need them.


When it comes to translating legal documents and interpreting sworn testimony, there is no margin for error. When scheduling a translator or interpreter through WORLDWIDE, you can rest assured we use only the most qualified professionals, with extensive experience and substantial knowledge. Highly skilled in their field, every interpreter and translator we schedule has an exceptional record of accuracy and dependability. At WORLDWIDE, your standards are our standards.

Conference Room Services

Where your deposition takes place is of utmost importance. If you need help securing a location, let the experienced and knowledgeable WORLDWIDE staff do it for you. We have an extensive database of conference rooms and business centers nationwide. If your scheduled depositions are in Houston, our in-house conference rooms are available to you free of charge.

Transcript Repository

Our clients benefit from complimentary 24/7 access to the WORLDWIDE Web Repository. This secure repository houses every deposition and exhibit in a searchable format. Our exclusive on-line repository allows instant access via the Internet, whether you are working into the night or traveling throughout the world. With easy setup of personal User ID & Password, you are able to view, download and search your deposition transcripts and exhibits.

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