From Case Inception to Completion

For more than 40 years, WORLDWIDE has been assisting law firms in preparing case Documents/Exhibits during their Discovery Phase thru Trial.

Document Management

At Worldwide all exhibits and documents are scanned and converted into convenient digital files such as TIF or PDF images. All scanned images are OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) giving you the ability to read, search and extract the words within those documents. After the scanning process, our Image Technicians will review each image to verify the image quality, correct rotation setting and file naming.

We can also serve your high volume printing. When needing additional hard copies of your documents and exhibits contact Worldwide. Our experienced and dedicated team will work around the clock to ensure that each print is done correctly. This process ensures quality and replication that is completed within your set deadline.

Exhibit Preparation is a key component for a smooth litigation process. Making sure your documents and exhibits are created and maintained properly from the beginning will save you time and effort as you get closer to trial. We can help by providing our Bates Numbering and Trial & Witness Notebook services.

We provide Experience, Accurate Results, Fast Turnaround & Competitive Pricing.

Records Retrieval

For over 4 decades, the principals of Worldwide Court Reporters – Records Service- have provided records retrieval solutions to the Legal, Insurance and Corporate communities.

Our mission is to continuously provide our customers with better communication, timely delivery and commitment to excellence by providing the highest level of personal service. By establishing and delivering higher expectations, we trust you will share our cost-saving practices that make the decision to work with Worldwide the preferred solution.

Your Worldwide Records Service team will:

-Shorten the retrieval process helping you reach settlement sooner.

-Utilize staff time for more critical or higher revenue-producing tasks.

-Obtain various types of records including medical, employment, scholastic, military, claims (current and prior) and more.

-Eliminate the headache of paying facilities directly. Worldwide Records Service holds the custodian accountable. We will confirm fees are in accordance to guidelines, saving your firm time and out-of-pocket expense.

Our process includes with every request:

-Research and verify locations.

-Prepare and send Notices, Affidavits, and Written Deposition Questions to appropriate counsels and custodians.

-Prepare and execute requests by authorization or subpoena duces tecum.

-Business Records Affidavits

-Daily monitoring of every request with “polite persistence” follow up with custodians.

-Pick up and notarize any necessary documents.

-Index, organize and bates stamp exhibits to client specification.

-Scan and upload all records for immediate access.

-Deliver records in hard and/or digital formats.

-Itemized Invoice delivered with every completed request.

Types of Records we successfully retrieve for our clients include:




-X-Ray Films



-Insurance Claims

-Workers Compensation

-Pathology Materials




-Incident Reports

-Accident Reports

-All Government Entities (Social Security, Medicare, IRS, etc.)

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