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For years Worldwide has conducted telephone/video conference depositions using our state-of-the-art Worldwide Connect video conferencing system. Our bridge supports various endpoint types including IP video conference systems, computers, tablets and mobile devices equipped with web cam and microphone. Our platform is fully encrypted, and completely secure.

Worldwide Connect provides full HD capability which gives you improved video layout and interface during your depositions. Sharing documents and annotations can be done in our system.

Using Worldwide Connect allows for depositions to be conducted in remote locations eliminating traveling and saving you time and money. Internet connection and access must be available.

Worldwide Connect -Video Streaming- will allow you to follow along in detail with witness video and streaming Realtime transcript while working directly in your web browser using search and annotation.

Also while in Video Streaming mode, securely chat with anyone on your trial team, including experts and consultants.

Compatible with all software, output to any text viewer software live, such as LiveNote, Summation, or Trial Director.

Our Worldwide Connect Video Conferencing and Streaming platform is backed with premier support and top tier customer service by trained technicians available all day, when you need them.